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Basics of NLP

In order to understand filters, we need to dive into a little NLP. If you are not totally familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming, here’s a little explanation. Neuro is simply the nervous system. (In NLP we do not separate the brain and the nervous system. The mind...

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Determining your filters

To be able to understand how information is processed, you need to be able to tell how the person you are talking to builds up his or her representation of the world, and be able to communicate directly and effectively with it. This is why good salespeople talk to...

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Understanding reality filters

There is a popular saying that the map is not the territory- and this is especially true when it comes to how we perceive the world. Our conscious processing of what’s happening around us is filtered by a number of different things, some of them conscious – others...

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Huna – The Secret Energy Of Paradise

David Shephard was recently featured in the documentary 'Huna - The Secret Energy Of Paradise', which charts my journey to find the energy and connection that we as humans all crave. It's about how a chance encounter led him to the other side of the world, where he...

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How to Achieve Lasting and Positive Change

David Shephard reveals the essentials for creating permanent improvement, and why so many people experience boom-and-bust when try to develop themselves. If you are someone is looking to empower yourself, or if you are someone who professionally empowers others, this...

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Understanding the relationship sort

We’re putting out lots of content to help people through these unusual times, and part of that process is acting on follower feedback to know what content people would find useful. One of the comments that came in from a follower on social media, was that they were...

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How to win friends and influence people

A huge thumbs-up, Facebook’s “like” symbol, greets visitors at the entrance to the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, in the heart of Silicon Valley. The imposing sign is crafted from that of a former occupant of the attractive corporate campus, Sun Microsystems, a...

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What is the NLP communication model?

The NLP Communication Model describes how we take in messages from outside the body – the external event – and move them through a series of filters into our memory. It’s an important model to learn because once understand that we can learn how we the ‘internal...

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