Today we’re going to use our timeline to focus on what you want. In the current climate, this may well be focusing on a time when our lockdowns and isolations end, but the same techniques can be used to focus on any goals you have in life. It’s what makes the timeline so powerful.

The power of focus

Anxiety, fear and panic can only happen if you focus on what you don’t want. The press don’t want us to not be panicked. It’s all doomed and gloom, and it’s what causes people to experience anxiety, fear and panic.

So anxiety is a warning from your unconscious mind that you’re paying attention to what you don’t want. Our unconscious mind is an amazing tool. As an example, if you’re driving a car that goes into a skid, it will start travelling towards where you don’t want the car to go. If you focus on a tree that you don’t want to hit, that’s where you’ll head. So instead, focus on the gap between the trees.

So at this moment in time, focus on the gap, not the virus.

Using your unconscious mind

Your unconscious mind organises your memories, of the past but also of the future. It puts them into a timeline. If asked what you did 5-10 years ago, you’d remember it on your timeline. But you can do the same with the future by imagining what you may be doing in 5-10 years’ time. And you’ll imagine those memories as being a straight line from your past to your future – whether that’s left to right, front to back – and that’s your timeline.

So think about what would have to have happen in the future to let you know everythign was ok? What would be the last thing to happen to know everything and everyone you care for would be ok. Think about where that is.

Float above your timeline. Think about ho good it feels to be floating up there. Float out to the future, to 15 minutes after that event that has you knowing everything will be ok. When you’re there at 15 minutes after that event, look back at now and ask yourself ‘where is that anxiety I was feeling?’. It’s gone.

Fifteen minutes after all this done, you’ll be relaxed. You’ll be na, you’ll be calm, balanced and centred.

Take four ha breaths to bring you fully back to now. And when you feel yourself getting anxious again, use your timeline to find a new focus.