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Achievement Coaching Bootcamp

Why attend?

This unique 3 day programme is for anyone who is serious about coaching, from novice to existing coach. This programme is designed to take your skill set to a new level. You do not need to be Certified in NLP to attend this programme. If you are already an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner and not yet certified as an NLP Coach this training will enable you to fulfil that criteria.

There will be a blend of classroom teaching and interactive exercises to ensure you know you have the belief that you are an amazing Achievement Coach, and can trust that you have the skills and abilities to make a coaching session work for your client. You will be able to stand proud in the knowledge that you are able to assist your clients in achieving the results they desire. David’s belief is there is a window of opportunity to start or expand your coaching business, it is important to know you are ready.

What will you learn on the course?

.The fundamentals:

  • How to position coaching in your client’s mind by understanding the relationship between coaching, mentoring, counselling, and therapy
  • How to create powerful agreements for successful coaching
  • How to create empowering guarantees that work
  • To discover the importance of coaching both the conscious and unconscious mind
  • How to give feedback that quickly modifies behaviour easily and effectively, even in the most difficult situations
  • How to enable your clients to discover their purpose in life and therefore their mission
  • How to apply the basic NLP linguistic models to coaching; milton model, meta model, preframing and reframing
  • To discover the appropriateness of which NLP Techniques add value to your coaching skills and why
  • How to elicit and utilize your client’s values to motivate them and enable them to make decisions quickly and easily
  • Utilize the three things that make your coaching session work
  • How to structure and design your own coaching programmes
  • The link between coaching and training, along with the keys to sell them both
  • How to brand, advertise and sell your coaching sessions so that you take the coaching world by storm
  • How to charge £1000 per hour and more
  • Discover who will pay 4 times the average in your market and learn how to find them
  • Uncover a killer strategy for selling NLP in business consulting
  • Learn to move from an elevator pitch to a stadium pitch
  • Learn how to create stories that sell
  • Discover why you are always being challenged on price and how to stop it
  • Discover the benefits of the High Probability Selling model and how to use it to stop burning time on prospects that will never buy

The sexy stuff:

  • Values levels, as an achievement coach it is vital that you understand:– How the changes in the economy are changing peoples’ values levels
    – How values levels are impacting your client’s life, business and relationships
    – How to identify and resolve values level conflicts in business
    – How to change your coaching style to match your client’s values levels
    – Sell achievement coaching in a way that is in alignment with your potential client’s values levels
  • 44 filters that give you the essentials to best business practice to enhance your clients experience. Developed through years of business consulting and coaching, these filters are key in any functioning profitable business. Once you know and understand them, you will be able to very quickly identify which ones are not being adhered to in your client’s business and exactly what the client has to do to achieve the success they desire. Plus, you will more than likely realise a few things about your own business!
  • 5 critical factors to ensure a profitable business – there are only 5 critical factors that determine the profitability of any business. They are easy to measure although never appear in any management accounts. A small increase in each of these 5 critical factors is simple yet has an incredible effect on the bottom line of any business.
  • There is also the opportunity to pick the brains of someone who has been coaching for over 30 years.

Who will be your trainer on the course?

David Shephard will be delivering the Achievement Coaching Bootcamp. He has been an achievement coach for over 30 years and also a certified Master Trainer of NLP,  NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. His personal belief about coaching is that everyone should have at least one coach, someone who can keep you accountable, hold you to task and make sure you stay on track to living the life you deserve. He truly hopes you will take this opportunity to join him at this very exciting event and become a highly sought after and successful Achievement Coach.

Course info

COURSE: Achievement Coaching Bootcamp

DATE:6th – 8th December 2024

DURATION: 3 days

LOCATION: Nottinghamshire

TIME: 10.00am – 7.30pm each day

PRICE: £1147 (inc. VAT)

OFFER PRICE: £747.00

(inc. VAT) offer expires: 5th November 2024


What people are saying

“I am so grateful to David”

“I am so grateful to David, not only for the high standard and quality he inspires, but also in helping to bring the magic out within me. In bringing me to life!”

Michelle Chapman

“David is a world-class trainer”

“David is a world-class trainer. He has a wealth of skills to make his presentations exciting, and his understanding, knowledge and intuition are second to none.”


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