14 day course

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Why attend?

The NLP Master Practitioner Training Course is designed to provide you with insights into the latest and most forward thinking advances in the field of NLP.

An NLP Master Practitioner has a great in-depth insight into the workings of the human mind and the physical world we all live in. You will be introduced to advanced NLP practices and basic Quantum Physics that will give you an unmatchable perspective into the functioning of your life.

What will you learn on the course?


Quantum Linguistics – the art and science of conversational change

  • Using the language of time
  • Conversational belief change
  • Sleight of Mouth patterns
  • Meta-model III – directionalised questioning
  • Time release suggestions
  • Prime Concerns – linguistic life change

Personal Values and Metaprogrammes – the matrix of personality

  • Values elicitation
  • Identifying and healing Values conflicts
  • Values levels and personal evolution
  • Changing Values
  • Eliciting Meta-Programmes
  • Using Values and Meta-Programmes in sales, recruitment, and management
  • Using the 12-minute Meta-Programmes and Values Inventory
  • Changing the matrix of personality

Advanced Submodalities

  • Using neurological drivers to create change
  • Creating designer SWISH patterns

Advanced Strategies

  • Using the Logical Levels of Therapy process for conversational strategy change
  • Eliciting and utilising strategies in business, relationships, and therapy
  • Strategy installation and change


  • How to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself
  • How to create a training programme to install models of excellence

NLP and Quantum Physics

  • Simple introduction to quantum physics and personal change
  • The Holographic Universe and healing
  • The physics of personal empowerment

NLP Presentation Skills and Training Design

  • Building group rapport
  • Secrets of NLP Master Trainers

An essential empowerment upgrade for client-facing qualified NLP Master Practitioners (6-days)

Personal Breakthrough Coaching

  • How to deliver personal breakthrough sessions for therapy and business
  • Experience giving and receiving a five-hour breakthrough session during the training

Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner Certification

  • Taking a detailed personal history
  • Releasing negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, and guilt from the past
  • Deleting limiting decisions and beliefs
  • The Creating The Future Process®
  • Using Time Line Therapy® techniques to assist clients in healing the symptoms of cancer, AIDS, bulimia, anorexia, herpes, hypertension, depression, panic attacks, and abuse

Master Hypnotist Certification

  • Learn the hypnosis techniques of three acknowledged masters; Erickson, Estabrook and Elman
  • Use the full continuum of trance inductions; direct-authoritarian, indirect-permissive and client-centred
  • Induce all the classic hypnotic phenomena
  • The hypnotic general healing paradigm

How can you learn this in just 14 days?

You will do approximately 50 hours of easy personal study before attending the training. This takes the form of listening to our audio product and reading books. During the training you will be putting what you have learnt into practice and learning new distinctions. You will also receive personal coaching from our team of highly qualified coaches.

Course info

COURSE: NLP Master Practitioner Certification


MODULE 1: NLP Master Practitioner: 8th – 15th May 2024

MODULE 2: Empowerment Breakthrough: 17th – 22nd May 2024

DURATION: Module 1: 8 days, Module 2: 6 days, Total – 14 days


TIME: 10am-8pm
PRICE: £6120 (inc. VAT)

Module 1: NLP Master Practitioner Only – Investment Offer: £2997.00

(inc. VAT) – Offer expires 7th April 2024

Module 2: Empowerment Breakthrough Training: Investment Offer – £2997.00
Available to Module 1 attendees & NLP Masters Practitioners from other schools

(inc. VAT) – Offer expires 17th April 2024

Joint Booking Offer: NLP Master Practitioner & Empowerment Breakthrough Training – Investment Offer: £5497.00

(inc. VAT) – Offer expire 7th April 2024

Please call to discuss reviewers offers


MODULE 1: NLP Master Practitioner:  TBC

MODULE 2: Empowerment Breakthrough: TBC


What people are saying

“The energy and sense of empowerment created through the course was awesome”

“Outstanding. If you wish to change your life and the lives of others, then you must attend this course. Just do it. You’ll be pleased you did. The rewards are endless.”


“The whole team was an inspiration”

“The whole 2 weeks of the traning were a magical and blow away experience. We were supported in getting the best learning opportunities and outcomes at all times by David and his excellent team of coaching assistants. The whole team was an inspiration.”


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