3 day course

Masters of Influence

Why attend?

No matter where you are in your life right now, the single biggest thing that stands between you and what you want is your ability to influence and persuade others.

  • In your career it is influence that will get you the job, the promotion or your next pay rise
  • In business, influence is the difference that make the difference in terms of your financial success – whether that be in advertising, sales, attracting the right staff, investors or business partners
  • In your relationships, your ability to influence is what will get you the partners of your dreams and keep them in a loving relationship with you
  • In your family, your influencing skills are how you empower your loved ones

When you attend ‘Masters of Influence’ you can expect your abilities to dramatically and tangibly increase as you influence and persuade others in real life situations. Your personal power will sky rocket and your ability to achieve your goals through the subtle influence of others will rise to a whole new level. Along with this your confidence as a communicator in all contexts will be enhanced beyond all recognition and take a quantum leap.

Just suppose for a moment that you knew what was going on below the surface in all situations and were able to control the direction of the situation subtly and elegantly.  What would you begin to do that you currently are not, and what would that enable you to have in the grand scheme of things? You may even begin to think of yourself in a whole new way!

What will you learn on the course?

This programme has some of the most powerful models of influence blended into one training, these include:

Robert Cialdini’s 6 Rules of Influence:
These 6 rules have been academically proven to dramatically increase your influence.  They are:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment and consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Scarcity

During ‘Master of Influence’ you will learn how to use these on a one to one basis, in presentations and in written material.

The latest discoveries from Neuroscience:
Recent discoveries in neuroscience have enabled us to observe what is happening in the brain when people are put into decision making situations. This has provided fascinating insights into the importance of emotions, memory structures and rhythm.

Ericksonian Hypnosis:
We normally think of this as an incredibly powerful and effective form of psychotherapy.  What if we looked at the successful therapy as an extreme example of influence? The therapist’s ability to influence someone else so effectively that they decided to change problematical behaviours they have held onto for many years! Could this be why it would appear that some of the worlds most powerful leaders (or at least their script writers!) have been studying Erickson?

Yes, much of Mentalism is trickery and it makes for good TV. Some of the best mentalists are excellent at eliciting verbal and non verbal information from someone else without them realising it, and then using verbal and none verbal suggestions to influence their subject to move in a particular direction.

Secret Service Questioning Techniques:
For obvious reasons these organisations want to be at the cutting edge of influence.  Some of what they know is starting to leak out!

During ‘Masters of Influence’ David will bring all these models together, in a highly useable form using his NLP modeling and training expertise.

What will you experience during the course?

David Shephard will be the lead trainer for this entire event. He will teach you the theories of these models and demonstrate how to use these powerful techniques in live demonstrations and through the use of video. You will personally practice the techniques through group exercises, case studeies and field trip exercises.

You will learn how to use these techniques in both one to one and one to many situations, face to face and via video. David will also show you how to use them in written pieces such as; press releases, advertising, brochures, eShots and websites.

He will give you personal strategies for using these techniques in:

  • Selling (one to one and from the stage)
  • Buying
  • Recruiting
  • Management
  • Coaching
  • Presenting
  • Speaking
  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • And in your life in general!

Course info

COURSE: Masters of Influence

DATE: 5th – 7th July 2024

DURATION: 3 days

LOCATION: The Crowne Plaza, Wollaton Street, Nottingham NG1 5RH

TIME: 10am-7pm each day

PRICE: £1147 (inc. VAT)


(inc. VAT) – offer expires: 5th June 2024



What people are saying

“I have been on many NLP based programmes but this was the best of them”

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Masters of Influence course that you dleivered over the weekend. I have been on many NLP based programmes over the last 15 years, but this was the best of them. I learned so much and am confident that using my learnings will have a huge impact on my abilities to influence people in both my personal and professional life.”


“It’s been an amazing experience”

“An overwhelming three days of lightbulb moments, personal development and information. It’s been amazing – it was mind-blowing. I didn’t think I could learn so much in just three days.”


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