3 day course

Presenting Magically

Why attend?

No matter what you do in life the ability to present yourself powerfully and clearly is invaluable. Whether we like it or not we are moving into the age of media; be it via you tube, skype or video based messaging, everything is about our presentation.

At some point we have seen masterful presenters and presenters that are not so good. ‘Presenting Magically’ will enable you to develop your charisma, poise and presentation style so that you to can become an outstanding speaker, trainer or presenter.

Just suppose, for a moment, that you are doing the biggest and most important speech, presentation or training of your life, you look out at the audience and sense that they are totally with you. You feel calm, balanced, centered and completely in control. You have fun presenting your material and after receiving your well-deserved applause several people approach you and tell you that is was the best presentation they have ever seen. Just a dream? No – that is ‘Presenting Magically’!

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who presents themselves in meetings, video messages, speeches, presentations and trainings
  • All presenters and trainers regardless of their experience will transform their abilities
  • Anyone who wants to speak in public, present or train and has not started yet
  • Everyone who wants to gain an insight into the application of NLP when speaking, presenting or training

What is ‘Presenting Magically’?

‘Presenting Magically’ is different from other presentation skills trainings. You will experience directly the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming and discover how to use it in speaking, presenting and training. This training will give you a structured model to achieve excellence as a presenter. The 3 day course is a mixture of classroom learning and practical application. Throughout the training you’ll get personal feedback and coaching from certified trainers of NLP. All this dramatically accelerates your learning process.

‘Presenting Magically’ is led by David Shephard. He has been a professional speaker, presenter and trainer for 30 years and is also a certified Master Trainer of NLP,  NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. His personal belief about public speaking, presenting and training is that it is the ultimate leadership skill.

What will you learn on the course?

You will learn how:

  • Banish stage fright and performance anxiety
  • Maintain an ideal “presenter state” – calm, balanced and centred
  • Quickly and easily build rapport with audiences of any size
  • Use feedback systems that really work
  • Structure your presentation so that it works best with everyone’s learning style
  • Use specific gestures and postures to increase your impact and flexibility
  • Change your audience’s state of mind moment by moment
  • Handle difficult audiences and hecklers
  • Entertain an audience and add fun to your presentations
  • Use metaphors, anecdotes and analogies to really put your message across
  • Maintain and manage the energy in the room
  • Increase your charisma and personal magnetism

Course info

COURSE: Presenting Magically

DATE: 16th – 18th November 2024

DURATION: 3 days
LOCATION: Nottinghamshire
TIME: 10am-8pm each day
PRICE: £1147 (inc. VAT)

OFFER PRICE: £747.00

Offer Expires: 15th October 2024


What people are saying

“I am so grateful to David”

“I am so grateful to David, not only for the high standard and quality he inspires, but also in helping to bring the magic out within me. In bringing me to life!”

Michelle Chapman

“David is a world-class trainer”

“David is a world-class trainer. He has a wealth of skills to make his presentations exciting, and his understanding, knowledge and intuition are second to none.”


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