Numerology Masterclass

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the ancient science of the meaning of numbers. The first name associated with this science was Pythagorus, though many believe that it predates this by 1000s of years. Numerology enables you to uncover the hidden meaning of numbers and words, be they dates, names or just words.

Why attend?

  • You have always thought that there is more to this world, this life, than other people realise and want to discover the secret code
  • You believe everyone is born with a purpose, destiny, natural talents and there are keys to the meaning of life plus lessons to be learnt
  • You want to discover your life path, understand it, and how to best live it
  • You want to understand how to use numerology with others, discover the inside track on a client, a business or project

What will you learn on the course?

  • The meaning of the numbers 0 to 9
  • The meaning of and energy signature of any number or date
  • How to correlate the letters of the alphabet with the number so that you can uncover the meaning and energy signature of any word be it your name, or any other word or sentence
  • Discover how from a birth name and birth date you can calculate:
    Soul drive – a person’s deepest desire and motivation
    Internal personality – who a person is on the inside
    External personality – the personality a person shows the world
    Integrated personality – a person’s personality once they get ok with showing the world who they really are
    Destiny – why a person comes into this life and what they are here for
    Life purpose – what a person is here to do
    Power number – the energy that becomes available when a person connects to their higher self
    Inner guidance – how to best solve life’s problems. Knowing and using this means you are surfing the wave rather than pushing against it
    Golden goal – how best to spend your later years
    Karmic lessons – what a person is here to learn this life time, once learned they become karma free
    The 4 phases of life – there are 4 main phases in anyone’s life with an energy that pervades each
    The master numbers – what each of the 9 masters numbers mean
    The testing numbers – numbers that are particularly challenging for a person, although once handled unleash massive power
  • How to decide company names and dates for incorporation, running projects, or signing contracts
  • The energy of your house
  • What effect changing your name has

What will you experience during the course?

David has been researching numerology for 24 years and will be teaching this masterclass the old school way, as he believes to an outstanding numerologist you need to get a feel for the numbers. He will then take you through how to calculate each of the numbers in a person’s numerology chart. You will start by discovering your own path through your birth name and date. Bring a calculator with you!

What if you attend the Numerology Masterclass:

  • You will have a new outlook on life and a deeper understanding of what it means
  • You will know how best to live a fulfilling and successful life and how to coach
    others with this power information
  • You will finally have an answer to life’s mysteries

Course info

COURSE: Numerology Masterclass

DATE: 8th – 10th December 2023

DURATION: 3 days
LOCATION: Virtual Training
TIMINGS:  10.00 am – 2.00 pm

Times are based on BST, please check your time zone.

PRICE: £900 (inc. VAT)
OFFER PRICE: £649.00

(inc. VAT) – offers expires: 24th November 2023>


What people are saying

“He’s up there with the best”

“David is a valuable asset to anyone looking for coaching, mentoring or training. David opens his mind and extensive experience up completely to help you achieve your outcomes, which is both rare and immensely effective.”


“Training that really works”

“Always engaging and always practical. Training that really works. Teeming with invaluable material presented in an easy to use and easy to master style.”


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