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We’ve been certifying people in NLP for almost 30 years, so we have a lot of training products. We’ve helped thousands of people worldwide achieve personal and professional success.

From the very beginning, the structure and content of our empowerment programmes has focussed on helping people like you create the life and the business you desire.

All our upcoming courses are outlined below if you already know your journey, but you can also watch our video to plan your experience.

Personal Success Journey 

Fix Your Mind: 29th & 30th January 2022

NLP Certification Journey

NLP Practitioner: 5th – 11th March 2022

The Ultimate NLP Master Practitioner – 2 Modules:

NLP Master Practitioner: 5th – 12th November 2021

Empowerment Breakthrough Training: 14th – 19th November 2021

Hypnosis Trainers Training: 21st – 25th November 2021

NLP Trainers Training – 3 Modules:

Speakers of Influence: 2022 dates TBC

Trainers of Influence: 2022 dates TBC 

Trainers Evaluation: 2022 dates TBC 


Business Journey

Masters of Influence: 22nd – 24th January2022

Masters of Influence Squared: 17th – 18th October 2021

Coaching Journey

Achievement Coaching Bootcamp: 23rd – 25th October 2021

Spritual Journey 

Numerology:  TBC 

Personal Empowerment Breakthough Intensive:  TBC

Therapy Journey

Breakthrough Session Masterclass: TBC 

Empowerment Breakthrough Training:  14th – 19th November 2021

Hypnosis Trainers Training: 21st – 25th November 2021

Upcoming courses


2 day course

Fix Your Mind

This course enables you to move blocks that inhibit you from leading the life you want. Whether the blocks be emotional or beliefs that you hold true that are currently holding you back, this programme allows you to release them.

3 day course

Masters of Influence

Improve your communication skills to dramatically enhance your ability to influence others in real life situations, increasing your personal power and helping you achieve your goals.

1 day COURSE

An Introduction to NLP

This seminar is designed to give you an insight into the power of NLP and how it can create fundamental changes in your life.


3 day course

Presenting Magically

This course takes everything you have learnt at the Practitioner & Master Practitioner levels and cements those learning into the depths of your unconscious mind. It teaches you how to teach NLP to individuals and groups. This course is intense, challenging, and a lot of fun.

3 Day course

Achievement Coaching Bootcamp

A unique programme for anyone who is serious about coaching, from novice to existing coach. This programme is designed to take your skill set to a new level. Stand proud in the knowledge that you are able to assist your clients in achieving the results they desire.

3 Day online course

Masterclass: Breakthrough Session

This masterclass will give you the capability and confidence to deliver even more life-changing breakthrough sessions delighting your clients, boosting your reputation and revenue!


7 day course

NLP Practitioner Certification

This certification course is the start of the professional NLP journey. You will be able to apply everything you learn on this programme in your own life and the career area you are already in.

14 day course

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Building on the practitioner level material, it teaches you how to use all the techniques you have learnt linguistically. No conversation will ever be the same again; your influence, leadership skills, and understanding of the human mind will expand beyond belief.

14 day course

NLP Trainer’s Training

The most powerful personal development experience there is, aimed at giving you all the tools you need to become an excellent and successful Trainer of NLP.

4 day course

NLP Trainer’s Evaluation

This course is for you if you’ve passed our Trainer’s Training and are looking to both run your own NLP Training Institute and be able to certify NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners for yourself.

7 day course

Hypnosis Trainer’s Training

Live training that blends classroom instruction and exercise-based learning, giving you time to perfect your hypnotic skills as a Trainer of Hypnosis. Perfect for anyone who is serious about running a successful and profitable NLP and Hypnosis business.


7 day COURSE

Personal Empowerment Breakthrough Intensive

When you make a quantum leap in your life it might not always be comfortable. You might find there are some broken egg shells to deal with. This is a personal empowerment experience not a training. It’s different than anything you have ever done before.

2 day course

Numerology Masterclass

All numbers have meaning as do the letters in the alphabet, the specific meaning can be discovered through the numerology. This course will allow you to have a new outlook on life and a deeper understanding of what it means, know how best to live a fulfilling and successful life, and how to coach others with this power information.

5 day COURSE

Huna Intensive

Discover the Hawaiian practice of Huna at the UK’s premier Level 1 course. Reconnect and re-energise your whole being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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