Your mental, emotional and physical state is not determined by your environment,  it is determined by how you interpret your environment and how that effects your state. The good news is, we can change our own personal and mental state.

Remember – you create or cause your experience. So how do you experience this moment in time?

The challenges we face

The are two challenges from a mental and physical viewpoint.

Firstly if we’re experiencing fear and panic our body releases cortisol, which has been shown to reduce the ability of the immune system to fight things – something especially important when facing a threat like coronavirus. So how can we immunise ourselves and banish fear, stress and panic?

Well we have to start by acknowledging that our emotional state – stress, fear, anxiety – has nothing to do with the enviroment outside of us, and know that, therefore, we can change it.

The second challenge we face at the moment is around isolation, the feeling of loneliness and how we deal with that one. That as well causes major problems for our physical body.

So we’re going to look at specific techniques to get into a calm, balanced mental state.

How to fix it

Once you realise that you have control over your experience, you can change your experience of this situation. In Hawaii you have kahunas, the wise men of shaman. The last two letters, na, means calm and centred, and kahunas always stayed calm, balanced and centred no matter what was going on around them. So, over the coming days, we’ll be looking at how to stay calm, centred and balanced during this time.