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Achieve 2023

Why attend?

Have you achieved everything you set out to do? Have you felt in flow with your life or have you been battling against the tide? One thing for sure 2022 has been a year of change. It’s been full of up’s and down’s, twists and turns, and full of uncertainty.

How are you experiencing the change? Are you worried; are you in a cycle of concern and despair, living in a world with no certainty. Perhaps you are being like a swan – graceful on the surface and kicking furiously underneath. Maybe you are going with the flow and looking for ways to ensure you stay at the top of your game. As the changing world speed’s up, it is time to take stock of your life, it will never be the same again! It is time to breakaway from the mind-set that got you here and the life you are currently living.

Life is about choices, good or bad, right or wrong, fit or fat, rich or poor, single or couple, now or later.  The beauty of a choice is that you can change it in an instant. Once you change is about utilising an effective strategy that will break you away from living life on the side lines and allow you to create the life you once dreamt of living. 

What will you learn on the course?

This event will:

  • Enable you to uncover your purpose, your passion and what really makes you feel alive
  • Allow you to shift your mind-set so that you can breakaway from those financial commitments that drag you down and find your own individual roadmap to financial security

  • Discover what your personal success strategy is, so that you can apply that to all your future dreams and create the success you deserve

  • Breakaway from the debilitating internal chatter that keeps you feeling like you are not good enough, unapproachable, and shy. You will uncover the key to becoming a social butterfly, confidence, charisma and the prestige that attracts people to you like a magnet

  • Give you the tools, techniques and strategies to be able to deliver your goals for creating the Life You Love

Just imagine attending an extraordinary event attended by like-minded individuals that are committed to their true purpose, passion and supporting you in achieving your outcomes. Everything is possible at Achieve 2023!

Course info

COURSE: Achieve 2023
DATE: 17th December 2022
DURATION: 4-hours

LOCATION: The Lensbury, Broom Road, Teddington, TW11 9NU

TIME: 10.00 – 14.00 GMT

PRICE: 97.00

Offer – This event is FREE to all


What people are saying

“An excellent experience”

“I’ve got a head full of information about how to use this best in my business. Excellent.”


“This course totally exceeded my expectations”

“This course totally exceeded my expectations. Came at the right time and totally changed my life. Thank you.”


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